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[Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] "Nike, Umbro is sold, but we did not know, as agent, informed the channel is actually sold after media reports and from Umbro, Nike, Umbro Chinese department staff. took a series of severance compensation, no one then to follow up with us, and did not deal with the aftermath. "June 24, Zhengzhou Unicorn Culture and Sports Development Co., Ltd. (referred to as" the general manager of Zhengzhou Unicorn "), Wang Jun told reporters He said in an interview. June 30, more than the previous contract with Nike Umbro agent contract expires, but a lot of inventory allowed to be reconciled with the loss of face, some agents said it would rush to Shanghai, with Nike Umbro Agent negotiation of compensation issues. In response, Nike responded that: "Nike Sports (China) Co., Ltd. Umbro China sales in June 6th, 2012 That has notified all distributors to sell to help matters in writing the relevant dealers. Umbro brand ma Cheap air jordans for sale nagement to improve the situation and promote the development of business, Umbro China in July 2012 began to assist dealers handle the follow-up business matters. " And Wang and other agents is that they never received any written notice. helpless dealers "Now think of it, when Nike acquired Umbro brand also speculation! But we saw the Nike brand dealers are influential only be authorized to do Umbro dealers." Qingdao grand sports culture Ltd. (referred to as " Qingdao grand "), the responsible person is angry. As Umbro agent in Qingdao, Qingdao big contract coming to an end, but there are tens of millions of inventories, which allowed the person in charge headache. "We have not authorized can not continue to operate in shopping malls, but Nike has also not given us Yikangnisi contact details. We started in 1998 with the then Greater distribution business of the company Umbro day operation Sporting Goods Co. cooperation, and later after the a cheap jordans online cquisition by Nike, Nike's team do we hear, was quite happy that Nike is an international brand, which is certainly good for the growth of our brand, but did not expect such a fate. " The Zhengzhou Unicorn is from June 2011 Nike contacts. "It was after contact with Nike Umbro salesman, decided to dedicate." Wang said. According to Wang Jun statistics, in September 2011 began to reload all the shops, has opened a new heavy-6 shop, invested more than 80 million renovation costs, then in March 2012 and reinstall 3. As of December 18, 2012, provides a total of over 27 million yuan Unicorn goods; and from January 2012 to November, put Umbro operating costs more than 6.6 million, after taking over Nike have invested more than 4 million for decoration; Currently there are 15,270,000 stock. "They are all I have to increase shipments, I have always said nothing. Later in the first quarter of clothes edition type question, I did not return, are 3-5 fold cheap jordan shoes for men clear inventory, because I believe Nike and future development. " above Qingdao grand official said, because the form of the Nike ordering system as the futures are more than six months in advance orders. "Last year we also ordered goods in 2013 Q2, and if June really notice us, who will go to this year's set of goods?" "I am most ridiculous it is the person responsible for Umbro China consolation before we say you definitely will arrange the transfer and Iconix, but this year in May we contact him, saying he would return messages have left, said They also were cheated, wasted two years. "he said. "Nike also arranged for us to say a man butt, but never answer my calls do not return my message. I learned that after selling Umbro message Been Nike last year, said let me come back and so resolved, but The reality is that we are six months without any support, send e-mail, letter even so there was no reply. "Wang expressed. The expiring contracts cheap jordans for sale mens will lead to a rapid devaluation of the hands of the dealer inventory. "We did not authorize, and quickly processed goods .1000 square tag discount amount, I probably get five million, and may sell triple play, excluding rent, personnel and other operating expenses, and finally only get 100 million. Alive deficit 4000000 . "Wang that they can not afford such a loss," I hope that Nike can really find a solution to the problem of people to solve the problem of the dealer. " Nike's "conspiracy" In 2008, Nike announced a 285 million pounds acquisition of British soccer equipment manufacturer Umbro; October 24, 2012, Nike price Youyi Umbro $ 225 million will be sold to Iconix Brand Group, has also been Yee is "cheap." However, the key road sports consulting firm CEO Zhang told reporters that a brand of strategic acquisitions and the strategic sale is not simply to the final transaction price to measure. Nike acquired Umbro time when the global mark Cheap air jordan 12 ovo et and the Chinese sports market is continuing to grow at a time when its football business can not compete with rival Adidas. "Umbro also got defensive means." But in the eyes of dealers, then signed with Nike Umbro Nike contract is a fancy hope for Umbro. "It was Nike said Umbro sponsorship deal with England to the end of 2018, as well as cooperation with Manchester City and we do a brand distributors is rewarding cycle, we feel almost three years, but by 2018 it contract, There are a few years to make money. "Wang said," You see now, Umbro and England ahead of the end of the contract, on May 21 this year, instead of Umbro, Nike became the sponsor of the England team, Manchester City also collaborated with Nike, even We Henan team. " Zhang is recommended that, if the dealer that is not fair, can unite on the one hand to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests through legal means; on the other hand, because the contract expires the end of Retro jordans for sale June, do not rush to cheap or damage the brand. "Nobody do not attach importance to the Chinese market, they (dealers) may have a chance." (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News, Media Partners: Apparel IT)Recently, Vans's popular California extension Vans shoes Sk8-Hi released the new Checkboard double color Nylon. Hightops type design is a continuation of the classic, with grey suede as the main body, in the left and right sides fight lightweight nylon with access to the same hue plaid, and collocation of black spots white laces, leather Logo clean and vulcanized rubber and. vans-california-sk2-hi-lite-checkboard-nylon-2.jpg (127.81 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-31 13:35 upload vans-california-sk5-hi-lite-checkboard-nylon-5.jpg (170.14 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-31 13:35 upload vans-california-sk7-hi-lite-checkboard-nylon-7.jpg (104.73 KB, download number: 0) download 20 cheap foamposites 14-3-31 13:35 upload vans-california-sk3-hi-lite-checkboard-nylon-3.jpg (99.17 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-31 upload 13:35 vans-california-sk4-hi-lite-checkboard-nylon-4.jpg (98.64 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-31 13:35 upload vans-california-sk6-hi-lite-checkboard-nylon-6.jpg (88.05 KB, download number: 13) download 2014-3-31 13:35 Vans California Sk8 Checkboard upload, Nylon 00Cosmetics, new enterprises, exhibition: the truth of ,,,,, Dongguan shoe exhibition, encountered a bottle ". "Many people," dare to start, where is the way? Face, Dongguan world wolf, He Jiaming, frankly, "to do their own!" He Jiaming's "do their own", "new products, is to do their own enterprises, the. This is the new cosmetics enterprises, medium, exhibition, is the hard truth, the Lord is rusty, enterprises don't know forever. Its importance is self-evident. He Jiaming's own enterprises, often, shoe-making 21ours Datong exploration Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping , he took, to do the cosmetics, positioning is very important. In jieshimei (KPCP) "," Hong Kong Branch ", and its positioning, high ratio, to do first-class cosmetics, so he 21ours, world counterparts", for ", we all come up with their best cosmetics, PK, PK, is mutual Taiwan, mutual 21ours process. Cosmetics, hard, can you lay a foundation for the long-term development, enterprises 21ours. Jieshimei (KPCP) is to do, first in Taiwan 21ours in. then, positioning, to test with you, how to force, products in the industry, in. "I want to take this product, not hard, prices for customers to accept service, to keep up with the more, it is important to have this new product." Some factors are indispensable. How do you do, this new product? He Jiaming's original, is "to guests to visit, what people do." Even though, the cosmetics research 21ours, not made up to the root, to the city, to this new demand, this guest. Only to meet the customer demand, can Retro jordans for sale you really understand, 21ours of cosmetics, you can get to city, Taiwan, new talent, enterprises, 21ours. He Jiaming, the jieshimei (KPCP), is not rusty, melt injection shoes, Hong Kong, stereotypes cloth handbags and stereotypes cloth materials research, Taiwan, and the sale of rusty enterprises. It is less, the cost and improve the customer, cosmetics products, jieshimei research, launched the world's first song, "Hong Kong, melt molding plane. Taiwan, Hong Kong, eliminating the slice, grinding, trimming, processing size etc., so soon by the guest, your hands. "This before, the workers more, more, more, the higher the cost of bidding, and how you save manpower, material, cost, Taiwan, how 21ours products more beautiful, and more, Paul, how, rusty, and more, such as process has become Taiwan many enterprises, shoemaking, upstream and downstream enterprises, there's an urgent need." "even though in the enterprises, exhibition, package, Xuan cheap jordans for sale , push, conduct, strategy, his company is also very important, but the cosmetics forever is based, and will 21ours club, grasp the city and passenger demand, Taiwan for cosmetics. New." He Jiaming is. (Editor: Asia Footwear) a total of 5: 23, by upgrading the original Star platform to southwest southwest Bucharest to sponsor Chuanzu and become the National Games sportswear sponsor of the press conference debut, Liu Shuli is praised Haikou for 5 years to achieve 10 billion, the sound is currently in the state of the dealer to sway strong confidence. At the same time, double star group in the western provinces and cities new platform also through "sanctions" and "let others" and other means, gradually increase the control of the terminal of the channel. double check: who sell Bucharest who 22 PM, double star group held a "big Chengdu area dealers conference in Chengdu, the dealer issued a" on the abolition of Han Junzhi Ji'nan, Shijiazhuang agent qualification and prohibited the sale of in the double star store products notice "non binary. general manager of Chengdu famous company Zhu Guochang said, once found selling products in Bucharest binary stores, dealers will be the first warning, if the dealer does not repent of Italy, will stop delivery of the serious, will cancel the agent qualification, "and we will cooperate with the business crackdown." also understand, at present, "celebrity" has been in shoes, socks and other products to dealers, let alone 40%, from the angle of interest, strong draw dealers. Bucharest: stores allow compatible with other brands Chongqing Bucharest responsible person told the reporter, the Chongqing dealer conference will be held in recent days, in addition to commodity price benefits, "Star" will be thrown from dealers advertising and the initial fee, two months can return other preferential policies. And he said, for the replacement head logo, will be responsible for the unified deployment and bucharest. Sichuan Bucharest general manager Li Feng said: "we build a sales network platform does not exclude the double star brand products. We are still in communication with Qingdao SASAC, hoping to solve as soon as possible at present because of "celebrity industry" unilateral termination of this crisis, the contract brought by that time, we also welcome the star products into our sales network." it is understood that the southwest Bucharest to dealers indicated that within a year will complete the equity framework in the national scope, the)Jordan Brand will be officially released this weekend this week was born in 1992 in Air Jordan Bordeaux 7 classic shoes, and we rush in the official release on the eve of a group again for everyone on foot shot beauties, interested friends may wish to refer to a. This section selects the superior texture of nubuck leather crafted by black and gray as the body of the shoe main tone, supplemented by the details of red wine. Air-Jordan-7-Retro-Bordeaux-On-Feet-1.jpg (80.72 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux feet 2015-7-16 08:22 upload Air-Jordan-7-Retro-Bordeaux-On-Feet.jpg (50.29 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux feet 2015-7-16 08:22 upload Air-Jordan-7-Retro-Bordeaux-On-Feet-2.jpg (175.51 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux feet 2015-7-16 08:31 upload Air-Jordan-7-Retro-Bordeaux-On-Feet-3.jpg (55.88 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux feet 2015-7-16 08:22 upload Jordan, Mito, classic, shoes 00Impending onslaught Air Jordan 4 Retro Military army blue 2013-12-08 22:02:10 June this year, this engraved AJ4 coming to our side, to a certain buying was another whirlwind, now let's look at this pair of shoes a detailed picture of it. & nbsp;

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